How can we create a platform that informs, inspires and converts?

That was the question we got from ParnasSys. A huge challenge, one we gladly accepted. The first question that came to our mind was: 'when does a platform inform, inspire and convert?'. We wanted to get to know ParnasSys better. So in several sessions with them and using our Sterc Model we explored what makes ParnasSys so unique for her target audience.

Who is ParnasSys?

ParnasSys is an online pupil tracking and administration system which is used by Dutch primary schools. They understand that teachers want their pupils to shine and explore their talents, without drowning in administration. Using her system, ParnasSys wants to put teachers back in their strength again.

The sessions we had with ParnasSys showed us that ParnasSys wants to stand next to the teacher, not above them. They want to be real and have more personal contact. Besides this, it was important that all the different themes of ParnasSys come together in one platform. This platform has to show the values of ParnasSys: courage, trustworthy, meaningful, connector and guide. We used the 'Plein (schoolyard) of ParnasSys' as our starting point.


Personal website

The website of ParnasSys shows their values by:

  • Changing the stock photos to photos that show real people; 
  • Making it easier to get in contact. You get messages from Pim and Lonneke and social media is linked to the website;
  • Adding blogs and testimonials.
The Plein of ParnasSys

Everything in one platform

By putting all the different elements in one platform, the ParnasSys website now is:

  • A platform where people can easily sign themselves up for 'Pleindagen'. Where more information and knowledge is shared. 
  • A platform where knowledge is shared and can easily be requested. 
Website like a building bucket

Easy to manage

To make it for ParnasSys able to adapt the website themselves, we built a website that can be used like a building bucket. This way, ParnasSys can easily build pages using content blocks. Besides this, ParnasSys can create their own forms using our MODX Extra 'Formalicious'.

Being a part of Topicus, it is very important for ParnasSys to create a platform which connects technology, people and data. Having over 900 'Topicans' makes Topicus one of the biggest employers of Overijssel. We are very proud to work on several projects for such a big company. You can also read our case about Somtoday, another pupil tracking system and part of Topicus. 


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