Opensource Multichannel CMS

 MODX Content Management System is the core of all digital communication instruments. With this user-friendly multi-channel open source CMS it is possible to manage websites, apps, narrowcasting screens, email marketing, intranet sites, social media and even (digital) brochures or magazines within one central system, wherever you are!

A simple, straightforward communication system: MODX. Making it possible to connect your CMS with nearly all systems (such as ERP, CRM, HRM and other software). Before you enthusiastically keep reading: the instruments below are not the goal but a means to an end. We always take you through our Sterc Model to let you know why you use specific online instruments. 


A responsive website fitting to your organization and your clients telling your story. Connecting you and your clients. A website touching your clients, providing them with information that they need. Characterized by user-friendliness and simplicity to manage. This is what we create together: by getting to know you and your clients with the help of our model we create a custom website. Responsive, naturally, because a great share of your clients visits your website via phone or tablet. We create your website with online craftsmanship: attention and love for the individual product. 

Online Marketing

Together with you we investigate which online marketing mix is most appropriate for your organization and targets. Our model is the guide for getting insight into your target group and situation: in order to use the right instrument for the right target group (such as Google Adwords, SEO, email marketing, social media and conversion optimization).

Accomplishing conversions (such as sales, leads, interactions and likes) are the base in the use of online marketing instruments. Our online marketing specialists use the marketing instruments in such a way that conversions are optimized and efficiency as high as possible. With the help of Google Analytics we make results from the used instruments measurable and insightful. When the results are insightful, we optimize the instruments in order to achieve the agreed targets. 



If a mobile app is the best way to reach your target group, we can develop this instrument for you. One that will be concentrated on your user, based on well-thought targets. Interested in an informative app or even a videogame? We are here for you.  

An app differs from a mobile website in a way that apps are (partly) installed on a mobile device. An app is visible on the dashboard of the mobile device after it has been installed. This decreases loading time because dynamic content is already installed (e.g. images, navigation structure and other graphical elements). Another difference is that you don’t need to worry about different web browsers. An app is created for a specific platform (e.g. iOS or Android). 


Narrowcasting & Digital Signage

Using narrowcasting screens is an effective way to spread your information in a public setting. By using dynamic text, images, video and audio you will make sure that information won’t be missed! You can use narrowcasting for internal or external communication, advertising and even education. You are in control of the information-flow, so it will be up-to-date all the time. 


Intranet is more than just making internal information visible. It’s more than just one-way traffic. Intranet is interaction! Meaning that people feel spoken to and feel motivated to participate. By integrating social media and other communication channels in your intranet you provide interactions between employees. Employees get their own customisable domain as personal page creating a feeling of involvement. The management is easy and equal to the CMS of your own website. 


When you posses a lot of expertise, you would like to share this with others. This doesn’t mean that you will be able to build a website or app yourself: every man to his own trade. It does mean that you understand how to use our instruments effectively for your targets. Sterc gives trainings in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), design for conversion, internet marketing, social media, responsive web design, MODX and Google Adwords/Analytics. Our experienced trainers provide you with interactive classes in inspiring places. We also provide classes and sessions at several educational institutions.