MODX Content Management System is the core of all digital communication instruments. With this user-friendly multi-channel open source CMS it is possible to manage websites, apps, narrowcasting screens, email marketing, intranet sites, social media and even (digital) brochures or magazines within one central system, wherever you are! A simple, straightforward communication system: MODX. 

Sterc is as MODX Gold & Founding Partner the specialist in the Netherlands and is part of the international top of MODX experts.


Multichannel CMS MODX

Not every CMS is the same. MODX brings you to anywhere you want. Managing your website on-the-road? No problem. Wherever you are, editing content on your website: this is the multi-channel CMS MODX. And what about the greatest advantage? Manage all your digital communication instruments from one central place, such as:

  • Website;
  • Mobile website;
  • Apps;
  • Narrowcasting screens;
  • Intranet;
  • Facebook pages;
  • Social media;
  • Newsletters;
  • Websites from third parties;
  • Blog.



MODX creates the possibility to connect your CMS with nearly all systems (such as ERP, CRM, HRM, financial software, administrative software and other software).


MODX CMS Key Benefits

  • Edit, delete or add in a simple way pages, texts, images, videos, presentations, PDF files and menu items without limitations;
  • 100% search engine friendly;
  • User-friendly. ‘ Click and Play’;
  • Edit texts with a wysiwyg editor (i.e. what you see is what you get);
  • Make changes from any computer, wherever you are;
  • Drive multiple communication instruments;
  • Multiple authorization levels;
  • Expendable with many modules, scalable and flexible;
  • And of course, open source! Programmers from all over the world refine the MODX CMS, guaranteeing continuity, modernity and safety of the system.