For 10 years we have been working passionately on online solutions that fit you and your customer. We stand out from the crowd with innovative ideas, and by being a tad quirky. But we also understand the online landscape and have a hands-on mentality. We work for many different industries, but in all our projects we focus on the end-user. How can we help your customer? We do this by paying individual attention to each of our products, applying our well-honed craft and pouring all of our love and attention into every detail.

Our work starts with our pride and joy: the Sterc model. The Sterc model is a thoughtful approach based on our cumulative years of experience. Besides being a useful guide, the model gives you an insight into what's going on inside and outside of your organisation. The Sterc model lets you dwell on who you are and what is happening around you, but also helps you move forward based on sound objectives and strategies. We take this journey together to gain insight into your online opportunities. 

Download the model (PDF, 781.6 KB)


Why do you do what you do? Where are the strengths and pride in your organisation? And where are the pain and weakness? Who are your customers, and what motivates them? What can you offer them? What happens outside your organisation? Who are the competition; what are the trends; and what is the current situation? Together we will answer these questions and many more. This not only helps you to gain a clear insight, but also helps us to get to know the DNA of your organisation.

All this information is the source for determining your online strategy, positioning and objectives. Now that you have a pile of information and your goal is clear, on to the next step!


We can now translate the goals we determined together into concrete resources, tools, conversion objectives, content and top tasks for your online solution. All channels are managed with the Open Source CMS MODX


Once the budget is set, the knowledge is collected, and the timeframe is planned, we make the translation. Time to go to work ...

To achieve your online marketing goals we get together on a regular basis to discuss the results and adjust them if needed. 

The Process

Throughout the process you remain closely involved. We take you with us step by step. We discuss part-deliverables and the finished product. In our regular meetings we discuss the results, make adjustments to reach our set goal, and present the best solution for your customers.

Digital communication means we are never really finished. Continuous improvement and changes are part of the process, and this ensures that you stay relevant and interesting for your customers. That's why we measure results, keep them insightful, and proactively help you to get ahead, and stay ahead.

Check out our slightly crazy cases of clients that went through our model to see this in practice.