Leuk #24

Leuke weetjes, interessante updates en vrijdagmiddag humor! Dit deelt Sterc al jaren met elkaar. Elkaars geest wekelijks voeden met kennis en vooral plezier. Zo blijven we groeien in ons vak, zo blijven we groeien als team.

Van elkaar kunnen we leren, dus ook van jou! Leuke inbreng die je graag wilt overdragen aan ons en de wereld? Stuur dit dan in een e-mail naar leuk@sterc.nl met een toffe headliner! 

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Leuke e-mail
---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Dean Jackson <dean@deanjackson.com>
Date: Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 12:09 AM
Subject: 9 word email
To: Sipko <sipko+ilovemarketing@sterc.nl>

From: Manly, Australia
Tuesday, September 3rd
(I feel like I'm writing you from the FUTURE!)

Hi Sipko,

Have you tried a 9-word email to revive dead leads?

You know...it's the short email I talked about in episodes 54, 104, and
108 to send to your unconverted leads.

"Are you still looking for a house in Georgetown?" was the original.

I've heard so many stories of 9 word email successes it's crazy.

Are you still looking for stylish motorcycle jeans?

Are you still looking for a yacht? (landed a $100 Million dollar buyer)

Are you still running adwords campaigns?

Anyway...I'm working on a project for Success Magazine and I'd love
to hear your experience.

I put a post on I Love Marketing where you can post your story.

It's at http://ilovemarketing.com/have-you-tried-a-9-word-email/

Can't wait to hear yours :)


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